First Friday

Today was a bit of an odd workday.  We had to return our 15 foot trucks to the rental place in Clovis, so all of us made the one hour drive over this morning to run some errands and eat some different food.  Clovis’s population of 42,000 supports a larger commercial base than Ft. Sumner’s 1,250.  Never did a Wal-Mart supercenter look so appealing!  We got some varied produce to enliven our meals, plus some necessary housewares.  For lunch, BBQ.

After our return to the high bay this afternoon, we assembled most of the rest of the gondola frame and did some spot painting of various new gondola parts.  (Gondola parts have to be painted white to keep them from getting too hot at float altitudes–there’s nothing to block the sun!)

Tonight there’s a star party at a local park, so we’ll get a chance to appreciate much darker skies than can be found in the Bay Area…  Tomorrow, we hope to put the instrument cradle into the gondola, a challenging logistical problem given the minimal crane we have here…


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