Breaking: NCT shows for flight tomorrow, 5/17

We’re formally second in the flight queue, but it turns out we “show” for a possible launch tomorrow.  The winds at float are pretty marginal, so the flight could be short.  The group in front of us required a minimum of 24 hours at float, while our minimum was 6, so: we’re up.  We’ll get here about midnight, pass off the gondola at 2:30 am, with launch potentially at 6:30 am.  (All times Mountain.)

Those interested in following our progress can do so via the CSBF webcam.  The bottom link (“Outside Camera”) is a live feed with a movable camera–please play nice with the other users!  Chances are it’s pointed the best way already.  After launch, follow our flight path–and hope we don’t go towards Mexico or too quickly to California!


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