Daily Archives: February 25, 2010

On the Road, Day Two

Another smooth day’s drive is behind us.  Today we left New South Wales, cut through a corner of Victoria, and ended up in South Australia.  Along the way there was some truly astonishing scenery–wheat fields from horizon to horizon, gently striped from harvest; vineyards and orchards; and seemingly endless expanses of purple scrubby brush.  Even driving back from New Mexico last year didn’t prepare me for the sheer scale of the openness here.  Quick snapshots out the dirty window of a moving ute won’t do it justice, even if they will help me remember the trip.  Still, if we stopped to take a decent photo of everything I thought looked interesting we’d still be in Sydney!

The truck at sunrise, South Hay, NSW.

It's hard to capture the magnificence of these great plains/planes.

We ended the day’s drive in Burra, a small mining town nestled among rolling golden hills.  The charming stone buildings of the central district date back more than a century.  We’re staying in a pub, which in the Aussie sense is a combination of restaurant, bar, and hotel.  The food continues to be hearty, tasty, and interesting–particularly impressive given we’re far enough off the beaten track that I don’t have an ounce of cell mobile reception.  (Hope I don’t regret going with Vodafone…)

A magestic old church in Burra, SA.

From the balcony of the Hotel Burra.

Tomorrow, we turn north into the outback.  Our target is Coober Pedy; if all goes according to plan we’ll reach the Alice the following day!