Settling In

Today was a relaxed day in which a few more pieces fell into place.  We started the day out at the hangar, spending some time setting up our workspace.  Alan and Zach arrived on a morning flight from Melbourne.  We picked them up, went for lunch, and enjoyed a chance to catch up with them a bit.  The train carrying our container from Sydney was delayed by the flooding about a day’s journey south of Alice Springs, so our ability to really get started will await its delivery in the next few days.  With no pressing responsibilities, we wandered around the Todd Mall a bit together, seeing the sights and getting a sense of our new home.

Eventually we were able to check into our new digs–a nice “self-catering” hotel here.  With two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, and a balcony overlooking the Todd, it should house the four of us quite comfortably for the near future.  We celebrated in true bachelor style with takeout KFC–Alan’s favorite.

Alan checks things out.

Below:  A few pictures of the flooded Todd River.

Looking towards The Gap.


One response to “Settling In

  1. Terri Mitchell

    Hi Eric, Very interesting and great pictures! It is so awesome that your dad was able to be there and be on the cracker jack crew. Good luck and I will keep watching.