Holding Pattern

Not much news or progress today.  Our 40′ container is in Alice Springs, but the side-lifting trailer needed to deliver it was out of town.  Hopefully tomorrow we’ll get it; then we’ll be able to begin work in earnest.  It was a beautiful, cool day today, though–our first without rain–and most of us managed to squeeze in a walk or a run.

Tonight we went to the grocery store to stock our kitchen for the weeks ahead.  That proved a bit of an adventure, with fruit prices per kilogram, sliced lunchmeat costing AU $60/kg (US $24/lb), and scarcely any familiar brands or products in sight.  (Even those which we recognized had renamed their products:  viz., Kellogg’s Frosties, Rice Bubbles, and Sultana Bran.)  Still, it was a pleasure to come home and realize we could grab a quick snack or an easy meal when we wanted.


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