We Could Hardly Contain Ourselves

Today was by all accounts a red-letter day.  Most crucially, the container was delivered this morning!  We unfortunately missed seeing the side-loading trailer drop it off, but we were nonetheless very excited to see it sitting comfortably outside the hangar after its long journey.

You've come a long way, baby.

Even better, when we opened it up, our equipment looked no worse for the wear on initial inspection.  Many of the cable ties we’d used to secure some of the gondola parts had stretched or broken, but everything looked fine.  The CSBF crew did a masterfully smooth job forking our crates into the hangar, and suddenly we had lots of unpacking to do!

Unloading the gondola pallet.

Even the cradle crate came out smoothly.

Beginning to unpack.

About that time, I got a call from Steve and Jane, our engineers, who’d successfully made a 1.5 hour connection in Sydney and arrived in Alice Springs.  We got them checked in to our hotel and took them to lunch.  Then Alan picked up his rental car–greatly increasing our transportation flexibility!–and we all headed back to the hangar.

Australian phone numbers have confused all of us!

After the fourteen hour flight to Sydney, the tight connection, and the four hour flight to Alice Springs, I expected Steve and Jane to be tired, but they set to unpacking our crates with energy I had trouble matching!  By the end of the day, the form of our workspace was already taking shape.  Impressive work for one day!

Settling in.


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