Slow Motion

The testing proved a bit protracted, but the detectors seem to be working nominally.  Today we made what we hope are final adjustments to the cabling to pick up a channel that had gone out due to a bad connector pin.  Jane has begun finalizing the harnessing–taping up the signal cables to keep them secure and noiseless.  Alan and I spent a mercifully brief afternoon applying thermal compound to a few boards–most of last year’s efforts are still good.  Next steps include integrating the shields and harnessing the signal cables in the electronics bay–and then we hope to move on to things like rotation tests and full-system calibration.

Time seems to have slowed a bit as we’ve become more familiar with our surroundings.  I don’t think twice about driving on the left anymore, we’re all saying “no worries” a lot, and I find myself wondering what else I can put beetroot on.  I suspect things will start to feel faster as we near flight readiness, though.  TIGRE should declare readiness sometime next week–it will be fun to watch them come together.


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