Blowing in the Wind

With TIGRE nearing flight readiness–they are planning for compatibility tomorrow morning–today CSBF held the first of what will be ongoing daily weather briefings.  The news was that the upper atmosphere winds will begin turnaround by the end of the week.  Turnaround is the best time to fly balloons, as the prevailing winds are shifting from blowing west to blowing east (or vice versa).  The transition stage tends to have low overall wind speeds, so balloons can float for a long time without going very far.  With the size and emptiness of the Australian continent, catching the peak of turnaround is somewhat less crucial for flight duration than it is in New Mexico.  Nevertheless, we left the meeting motivated to get ready.

Thankfully, Jane and Steve have decreased the noise we were seeing through judicious rerouting of the cables, so tomorrow we will return to integrating the remaining gondola systems.

The regional news station did a report on the balloon launching station and the upcoming campaign recently.  See if you can spot the NCT team member who makes a cameo!


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