Daily Archives: April 5, 2010

Down to Earth

The last couple of days have begun with bad news on the launching front–the low level winds have been too high for TIGRE to launch.  While the float winds are great–a hypothetical 48-hour flight would stay quite close to Alice Springs–conditions are the ground are worsening.  (Tonight we had an electrical storm and rain!)  Looks like the next launch opportunity will be late this week at the earliest.

Still, our turn will come, and we’re pushing ahead to be ready for it.  I started the day by pushing the gondola outside to calibrate the antenna positions on our differential GPS.  These four antennas provide our primary reference for our orientation during flight.  The winds were low and the process went smoothly.

Calibrating the differential GPS.

With Prof. Boggs here, this morning provided a good chance for us all to sit down and take stock of the state of the instrument and our preparation for flight.  We discussed a few tests to run over the next few days and got a handle on our priorities.

After lunch, we buttoned up the sides of the ebay, finalizing the routing of a number of communications cables.  We closed the day with a successful test run through the CSBF communications package, the SIP.  All told, a very effective Monday.

A storm is brewing...