Daily Archives: April 14, 2010

Flight Ready and Waiting

Today we had our formal flight readiness meeting with CSBF–the last stage in the process prior to the flight itself.  The meeting finalizes flight requirements and ensures that everything is “go” for launch.  At this point, we are required to be (and are) prepared to launch whenever the opportunity arises.

That “when” is the major question which will haunt us in the days and weeks ahead.  The launch pad is finally drying out after last week’s rains, and there looks to be a one or maybe two day launch window this weekend for TIGRE.  Obviously, we’re all pulling for good weather for them–they’ve been waiting two weeks already!  There are no guarantees for any of us, though.

For us, sitting second in line, there is now time to catch our breath a bit.  We’re not allowed to make substantive changes to our payload at this point, but we’ll continue keeping a close eye on the health of the system.  Alan and I will continue taking calibration data.  We’ll finally spare some attention for analysis questions and projects that have been sorely neglected in the lengthy rush of packing, shipping, travel, assembly, testing, and qualification.  And heck, maybe we’ll sleep a bit, and read, and sightsee.

Come 3 p.m. each day, though, we’ll be at rapt attention in the CSBF trailer for the weather briefing.