NCT Launch Opportunity Tomorrow

The low-level winds tomorrow (4/20, Alice Springs) look quite favorable, so NCT will show tomorrow morning for a potential launch opportunity.  We’ll roll out of the hangar around 2:30 am; if everything goes well, launch will be in the 7-8 am range.  You can follow along on the webcam here or here, and I’ll update live when I can get to my computer.

Unfortunately, the winds at float altitude are forecast to increase substantially relative to those during TIGRE’s ~54 hour flight just a few days ago.  We’re likely to get more like a single day, as we’ll be blown more rapidly out of the area we can safely fly over.  Still, you never know–we’ve been lucky before.

My immediate priority: get some rest!  I’ve got to get up again in four hours!


2 responses to “NCT Launch Opportunity Tomorrow

  1. Fantastic! I know at least 2 people who are planning on being alte to work for the opportunity to see one of your launches, so I hope the weather holds for you. 🙂

  2. we’re watching & wish you luck !