Despite lingering overcast, today worked out to be a good enough day to perform our compatibility test with CSBF.  While not nearly as intense as last year’s marathon, it still made for a long day.  Since the compatibility test serves partially as a dress rehearsal for launch, we spent much of the day working through our button-up, roll-out, flight line, and roll-in checklists.

Except for a bad transmitter cable on the CSBF side, the tests went smoothly, with no major problems.  We’ll try to optimize our checklists a bit to make them clearer and faster, but on the whole I think today’s uneventful day is a sign of success.  We have a few minor odds and ends to wrap up, but judging by the weather forecast it seems our next project will be cultivating patience…

Compatibility brings everybody out.

Attaching crush padding.

Jane and Boggs keep an eye on things.

Attaching the ballast hoppers.


Frank and Joseph mind the gondola and the electronics.

A bit of sunshine!


Going for a spin.


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